Home School Success for Today's Liberty Loving Families...

Teachers protest, more money, better classes

Sign of the times at many U.S. schools

America's Education System is Broken.

And home school may be the safest and smartest choice for your child and family.

Many people will agree that the government school system is damaged beyond repair...

… You see the dysfunction in your local school board meetings;
… You read about falling academic standards across the country;
… You hear stories how teachers and parents have their hands tied behind their backs and frustrated by wasteful bureaucratic red tape.

School protest, kids treated like commodities

Gang recruitment at school carries stiffer penalties

Public schools and public charter schools fight each other (?)

But what can you do about it?

Can you push your school district or school administration to make real change for your child?

Would they even listen to you?

Not likely.

The public school bureaucracy is too big, slow, and wasteful.

The practical approach is to save your time, money, and energy and instead focus all of it  on real-world, hands-on solutions -- ones that you control…

You do this through home school.

Mom teaches on family field trip

Living room whiteboard

Boy learns electronics at home

It’s also called self-directed education, independent study, or even home education.

But it all means one thing – taking the steps right now to create a custom education that meets your child's strengths and your values... and give your child the best chance to succeed in life.

Don't wait around for school reform, it is not coming any time soon.

What’s liberty got to do with it?

If you do not trust 100% of your child's mind to the local school system, or like being told what to do by administrators then you want more liberty in your educational choices and more freedom in all parts of your life.

The timeless lessons of responsibility, self-reliance, and independence - the cornerstones to both success and liberty - are often absent in today's classrooms.

But you can fix this through home education and teach your child to love, respect, and build a life of liberty in his or her future.