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An associate had questions about homeschooling and socialization today. He has a baby, so he's looking into different education options. He was concerned about homeschool socialization.

I told him it's something that loving and caring home school parents never worry about...

What most people mean when they bring up the 'S-word' is ...

"What are the Social Disadvantages of Homeschooling?"

It's a big area of concern for many families considering home school for their children and also for those who disagree, or are against, the idea of home education. But...

It never crosses my mind. Ever. Why?

... Because there are no social disadvantages to homeschooling. Period.

Any alleged negatives of homeschool socialization are nothing more than urban legend.

Sure, you can find shy kids, or awkward kids, or spoiled kids, or clumsy kids, or kids who may be too attached to mommy or daddy, or kids with low self-esteem, maybe even a few teens with 'dark thoughts' in home school families…

But it has nothing to do with the fact they learn at home. There's no direct connection there.

The proof is that you find these same kinds of kids in schools, both public and private, all across America, and around the world.

You probably went to school with some of these kinds of kids; you may have been one of them yourself. Home school has nothing to do with it.

"Aren't Home School Kids Isolated?"

No. In fact, I find the opposite. There's way too much stuff for home school families and their kids to do. There's too much opportunity. So much that we can't take advantage, or enjoy, all of it. Not even close!

Possibly, in the Dark Ages of Home Schooling (1960s, 1970s, early 1980s) when academic tyrants abused their power and claimed that teaching your own child was illegal (like murder is illegal), a few brave families chose to be outlaws and home schooled their children.

They may have been more isolated.

But it was NOT because their kids learned at home. It was because corrupt laws persecuted them and forced them to keep their spelling and math lessons hidden and under the radar.

This is not the case today, in 2014 and beyond...

We have park days where dozens, or hundreds, of home school families meet at a local park and spend the day. Our kids go to a home school soccer skills class that takes place in the middle of a weekday. We've been part of a home school Crossfit gym...

Legoland in California has home school days throughout the year. We can go at a discount and in the middle of the week when there are fewer crowds. The local aquarium does the same thing. We've been on home school family camping trips, martial arts classes, and more.

Other families do home school dance classes, art classes, home school teen dances, etc.

There's even a local group of tweens and teens who organize game nights at local eateries and play board games and card games (Pokemon, Yu-Gi-Oh, etc). Kids will be kids.

Many parents organize field trips to local museums, musicals, movie premiers, and special nights at the Hollywood Bowl or a Dodgers or Angels game...

If anything, I think home schoolers have much more opportunities and fun than kids stuck inside a gray cement box called school.

"Isn't Socialization Better Taught in a School Environment?"

There's no such thing.

  • I attended both a private and public school and I never got a textbook called Socialization.
  • In high school there was no period, elective, or club called socialization.
  • Socialization is not on any government mandated, multiple choice, fill in the bubble Scantron test I ever took.
  • It is not even available as an AP class or CLEP test.

There's no such thing.

When our kids attended a local charter school (before home school) there was no socialization hour or socialization time (there was nap time, though).

Our friends, neighbors, and family who's kids attend either private or public school admit that they cannot pinpoint a textbook or class called socialization, either.

Reason and logic leads me to conclude that socialization is a myth like Big Foot. Many people say it exists, but I've never seen it with my own eyes.

If a Socialization Utopia Exists, it is Not Found Inside Government Schools...

About 22% of public school students drop out and don't graduate high school. In some cities the dropout rate can be as high as 50%!

And it gets worse.

According to the U.S. Department of Education and National Institute of Literacy 21% of U.S. adults read below the 5th grade level, while 19 percent of high school graduates can't read (... How did they graduate?).

And then... U.S. literacy rates have not improved in 20 years!

This is proof enough that either socialization is not taught in today's schools (probably never was), or this socialization creature is more of an ugly Swamp Thing than the pretty Pink Unicorn many people try to sell it as.

Put simply, if this is what we can expect from public school socialization, I don't want it, I don't want my kids to get any of it.

More to the point: No one is blind to the ugliness and disappointment found in today's school system...

Drugs, teenage pregnancy, promiscuity, violence, bullying, irresponsible administrators, wasteful spending, lice, foul language, graffiti, vandalism, drinking, smoking, apathy, etc.

... 22% of public school students drop out and don't graduate high school, while 19% of those who do graduate, can't even read!

This is insanity!

One More Point About Homeschool Socialization...

Don't you find it weird... uncomfortably weird... that school kids are surrounded by dozens, and oftentimes hundreds, of other kids their exact same age, and born in exactly the same year?

Then they're:

  • Forced to associate,
  • Stand in line,
  • March,
  • Eat at the same time,
  • Trained to raise their hand...

And beg permission...

  • To speak,
  • Ask a question,
  • Get a drink of water, or
  • Use the bathroom.

If this is what people mean by "socialization" it's all terribly unhealthy and unnatural, don't you think?

-- Homeschoolers have nothing to worry about when it comes to socialization; whatever that means.

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