About the Folks Behind DaddyEd.com --

DaddyEd.com is short for "Daddy's Guide and View About Learning and Raising Independent, Self-Reliant, and Liberty Loving Children for Today's Fast Changing World Through Solid, Loving, and Sound Home School Education". But…

... that's a crazy name for a website. ;-)

So, after some serious chopping we settled for DaddyEd.

Although mommy and I talked about the benefits of home school before we had kids, we didn't start out as home schoolers.

We found a good little public charter school, got on the long waiting list, jumped through many hoops, and with luck our kids got in.

But after a few years we realized that this great little 'independent' charter school wasn't so independent after all. It had many of the same problems found at regular government schools in the area.

So, after serious thought, we chose to follow our original plans and started home schooling the kids when they were about 7 and 9 years old.

It was a little scary at first, but within our second year we had a routine and it felt like we had been home educating since the start. There was nothing to it.

Plus, the kids excelled and we all felt much closer and tighter as a family.

It was the right choice.

More fun facts about us...

Don't worry if you're not familiar with all the home school related words below, there won't be a test. Besides, as you move through this site and get better acquainted it'll make more sense:

  • We follow a Classical education method because we believe in a solid foundation in the Three Rs (reading, writing, and arithmetic), as well as believe in the soundness of the trivium stages (grammar, logic, and rhetoric), plus, it has a strong emphasis on Western Civilization (which has a heritage founded on the individual and liberty);

  • We run an all-year school year. This means our kids work even when the neighborhood kids are off. But it also means we can take trips during the off-season when prices are cheaper and there are fewer crowds(!);

  • We don't believe in busy work or living a life full of needless stress. So we're also Eclectic in our educational approach. And when things go haywire at home or at work, we think back to our home school 'cousins' called the Unschoolers;

  • Our home-based education system pushes our kids to take the lead in their learning and goal setting, just as adults are expected to do. It's also known as the self-taught method. This teaches them personal responsibility early on;

  • By their second year, the kids ran 90% of their schooling (mommy and daddy did spot checks, reviews, and debriefs). Micromanagement never helped anyone, and we don't want to be the bottleneck in their progress. As the kids mature and become more competent, the less time daddy and mommy need to get involved;
  • Learning the 'other side of the story' on issues of the day is a big deal in our home. Dinner table discussions naturally flow to areas about liberty, sound money, and other similar topics that are not taught or discussed in today's classrooms. These are spontaneous yet vital pieces to our 'family-run school';

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