"Wulf the Saxon" Culture

RonPaulCurriculum 7th Grade English Essay

The Saxon culture was separated of different classes depending on the persons wealth and position. The main 3 classes are peasants, military and nobles.

The lowest class is the peasants, who does the labor for the community. They farm, build, and produce goods for the upper class men. Most of the peasants admired the king and queen, as leaders with power. They don't live inside the walls of the castle, but on the outskirts in a village. So they are the first ones to be attacked outside the castle.

The military was important, because you need a good army to protect the country. They are the most affected, because they go to war and are very honored and treated greatly for their service.

And the highest class is the noblemen, it includes kings, queens, and thanes. In the book, Wulf, accompanies the king, so we learn the lifestyle of a noblemen. They are the most respected by everyone because of their bravery in the battlefield. The kings have the most money and power, and rules the kingdom. The kings would usually fight with their men during battles. The thanes were people who would rule smaller portions of the land, and would also go to war with their army.

During the period, war was constant, peasants were raided, soldiers died in battle, and nobles lost their kingdoms. The more land the more powerful you were.

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