William Tell and the Swiss Independence

RonPaulCirricululm English 7 Week 12

One of the most famous stories about the tales of swiss independence is about a man named William Tell. No one knows if most of the stories about William Tell are actually true.
But the reality of the Hapsburg oppression is true, and there are is some evidence that the story is based on historical facts.

The Hapsburg were in charge of neighboring Austria, and the Hapsburg family Gessler as the governer of the town which William Tell lived in.
Gessler set up his hat in the town square, and commanded that anyone who passed it to bow. William refused to bow to the hat or Gessler himself.

William and his son who was with him, were arrested for disobedience towards Gessler. William was a very skilled hunter and marksman, Gessler then challenged William to prove his marksmanship.

William's fires the arrow and makes the shot, but still is not free from Gessler's prison. Later, Tell was chained to a ship away form the castle. Lucky for William, a storm arose from the clouds, Gessler's men were afraid for there lives and freed William to help the ship through the storm.

As soon as the ship reached land, William ran for safety and became a free man. He soon participated in the uprising of the Swiss against the Hapsburgs, and William eventually was able to kill Gessler. William Tell was a leading charecter in the legends of the Swiss Independence.

The Swiss rebels (Swiss Confederation) finally won freedom form the H.R.E. in 1499

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