What my friend I do during the weekend

RonPaulCirriculum English 8 Lesson 6

My friends and I usually play video games most of the time, when my friend comes over we usually play on the Xbox 360, we play Halo 4, Halo 3, and Bo1 and Bo2.

When one of my friends come over we usually always play Halo, we don't play Black Ops often, but whenever both of my friends come over we then play Black ops 1 or 2, because its way better to play Zombies with more than two people.

Every now and then one of my friends and I get on the PC and play a few games together online, and we used to use discord instead of Skype, but know we are using skype because my friend cant remember his password to his account.

In the end me and my friends are simple and there is not much to talk about, except that my friends were better when I first met them, but now a days he comes over for a hour a so and leaves, what is worse is that he asks for my WI-Fi password so he can play his games in my house and not play games with me, sometimes he comes over, and we decide to play on the Xbox a few rounds later he then asked to play on my computer because he brothers were using his computer.

My worst memory of him is that he signed into his steam account on my computer then asked me to download a game for him into my computer, so he could play his game on my computer, I said no, he then said why, and I answered "because this is my computer not yours, if you download this game into my computer you would be using my storage, I might have about 1 Terabyte of storage, but I bought this storage device with my own cash I saved up so I could use it, not that you could come into my house and download whatever you want.'

Now this is only one of my friends, my other friend has much more respect, he never comes over to play on my computer and, he comes over because he wants company unlike my other friend.

I wish that my friend (the Jerk), well i wish we didn't have to be friends, but he is the only kid in this street that I know and lives close by, my other friend is sadly moving out and I wont have him as a friend any more, and he doesn't have a phone he is in High School!! his parents aren't the best but he has a good heart unlike the other one.

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