What I did on Fourth of July

RonPaulCirriculum English 7 Week 25

When I got up in the morning I immediately went to my desk and finished an essay I did not do on Friday.

I finished my essay around 8 am and relaxed and played some games, as soon as my dad and mom came back from the gym, my dad took a shower and took me to my grandparents place to help set up for ex get chairs out of storage and set them up, get ice and soda etc..

an hour later my sister my mom and my mother's father come over to our grandparents place and we start eating, we had stake, corn, rice, beans, and even more delicious food. we ate for half hour and we went back inside and talked.

A few hours later we had dessert they had apple pie, and ice cream, the only thing I ate was apple pie, and if you know me you know that I love apple, apple pie, and apple cider.

After desert one of my uncles brought a board game out "Agricola" it was one of  the best board games I have ever played.

when we finally left  our grandparents house it was around 9pm and immediately went to bed after a long day.

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