What I did during summer

RonPaulCurriculum English 8 day 1 

This year I haven't done much, so I'll just go over the most memorable parts.

During summer we don't really get a summer vacation but we do go do a few things during summer, the first thing we did was a volunteer camp, then a horse camp, both run by the YMCA.

The volunteer camp, sounds extremely boring, even I thought it was going to be boring, but it was quite fun.

When you first arrive you would wait for people to arrive but once the day started everyone would have to participate in a game that "boosted" team building so it means that it was all team oriented.

The way they plan the day is by you are put in a group and split into two groups A.M. and P.M., so the A.M. group will go volunteer in the morning, and the P.M. group would listen to a class, each week there would a different class of different subject but they were all connected to what you would do when you grow up related questions, and when the A.M. group would come back from volunteering and we would have campers choice, for one choice there was going to be a sport related choice, and the second choice would've been art, what i mean by art is dancing, singing, some drawing etc., but I always chose sports.

After campers choice the P.M. group would go volunteer while the A.M. group would get the same lecture as the P.M. group received in the morning. When the P.M. group came back everyone would all sit down and if anyone had anything to say good or bad that happened that day, after that everyone played a game before everyone left.

There we learned how to take care of horses, ride horses with the right posture, tack the horses, and groom the horses.  While at camp you spend half the day riding the horses and the other half going on hikes or hanging out with your cabin,  my favorite part is of course the part of the day when we go ride the horses and go on trails, and have a great time, at the end of the week we give a horse show for our parents too watch.

The days are usually split up like you wake up early in the morning at 5 to feed the horses, it's so early that you can still see the stars, then at 7 when groom the horses and tack them. After that we go eat breakfast, if you're riding group is supposed to go riding in the morning you go with your wrangler (your teacher) to the riding pin where you are going to ride the horses, then you might go on a trail. Then there is lunch and after lunch there is nap time or a time to relax and play cards or something like that, after nap time the riding group that goes during the afternoon goes next.

While the riding group is riding (this is different from your cabin group) your cabin would be doing some other thing for example hiking making ice-cream etc..

and that is what I did during summer,

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