Venice, Italy

RonPaulCurriculum 7th Grade History Essay

Venice is located in 118 small islands, it is a city in Italy. What's unique about Venice is that it's all connected by canals and waterways instead of roads since it's all islands.

Venice was known for its beauty, music, and architecture, it was also an important city during the Renaissance.

We don't really know how Venice was founded, but we do think it was probably formed by Roman refugees escaping the Germans and Huns. Tradition says that the city was founded on March 25, 421 when the first church was dedicated in the city.

Then Charlemagne wanted to rule over the city so he sent his son to surround it, but it failed and his son died shortly after. In 814, Venice was a Byzantine territory and was given trading rights.

Venice was always a really wealthy city and was the main trading hub for the Mediterranean.

In Venice they use Gondolas to travel around the city. Gondolas are a flat-bottomed boat and are rowed by gondoliers.

(the picture above is Gondolas rowed by the gondolier)

Venice is also known for its art and architecture. Their style was known as Venetian Gothic Architecture. It was the Byzantine, Ottoman, and Phoenician influences as well as standard Gothic style.

Another thing Venice was famous was there love of music. A lot of famous composers came from Venice like, Antonio Vivaldi.

There was The Carnival of Venice, which was held yearly in the city. Also during the Carnival there was a mask contest where everyone needed to wear masks.

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