Tom Sawyer Huck and Aunt Polly

RonPaulCirriculum English 7 Week 26

In the Mark Twain book "The Adventure of Tom Sawyer" he has many characters, with many different personalities, and just to name a few are Tom, Huck and Polly.

Lets start with Tom Sawyer, Tom was a very adventurous character in the book, he and Huck always went of many adventurous together.

Since I have already mentioned Huck lets talk about him, during his child hood he lived with his father who was always drunk and mean, and since his father was always using money to buy more liquor he grew up with no money and he didn't get an education.

Then there is Sawyers Aunt Polly, his aunt was a slow calm going women, she went to church and ya that is practically it.

Anyways the book was awesome and was very exciting and filled with adventure, even if the first few chapters were quite boring, other than that the book was amazing.

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