RonPaulCirriculum English 7 Week 4

  • Juxtaposition

- The fact of two things being seen or placed close together with contrasting effect.

EXAMPLE: The contrast between Clarence(in the 1800's clothes) and the knights in armor is an example of juxtaposition.

  • Milieu

- A person's social environment

EXAMPLE: Beyond just the geography and dating of the history, it is the milieu that gives A Connecticut Yankee its special twists and turns.

  • Customs

- What people do or are like during a specific time period

EXAMPLE: Every culture has its own customs, which often seem strange to people who visits from different cultures

  • Satire

-A genre of literature in which individuals or cultures are ridiculed, often to shame target into improvement

EXAMPLE: While often comical in presentation, satire can also be very pointed in its criticism of others

  • Visualization

- using the setting and sensory details to create a picture in your mind of what's happening in the story

Example: Any good author describe the setting of a story such that you can visualize it without the help of pictures

  • Mood

- The Atmosphere or feeling the setting creates

EXAMPLE: To change the mood of a story, sometimes all you have to do is change the setting. That is what Mark Twain does in  A Connecticut Yankee

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