The Magma Carta

RonPaulCirriculum English 7 Week 11

John was the youngest of both of his brothers, so he never really never thought that he would become king.

But when his brother died, John did become king.

Sadly John was a poor military strategist, he had to raise a lot of money and soldiers just to defend himself, he raised taxes to raise more money but he didn't ask permission of his Barons to raise taxes, which angered the Barons.

In 1251, the Barons rebelled, they marched into London, and took control. John then met the rebells at a famous field called Runnymede, and made a peace treaty called the Magma Carta.

The Magma Carta included:

  • No taxation without the approval of the council
  • Trial by jury, no matter what victim
  • The church is not to be interfered with the king.

even though they wrote a peace treaty, neither side took the peace treaty very seriously.

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