The Lion of the North Book Report

RonPaulCirriculum English 7 Week 19

The Lion of the north is a book about a fifteen year old teen named Malcolm.

He joined the Swedish army during the 30 year war in Germany , the war was against the Protestants(he was with the Protestants) and the Catholics.

The book starts off when Malcolm swims across a river to show two soldiers where to cross in the river.

His first battle was at the battle of New Brandenburg, but he was captured by the imperialists( Catholics), but two days after his capture he escaped, but on his way back to his army he is once again captured and imprisoned but this time he was captured by freeloaders, but he then escaped and finally joined his army.

When Malcolm gets ill he gets permission to take a small break in a town called Mansfield. Once he got better and started to head back to his army he heard that Mansfield was going to get raided by the he headed to Mansfield protect, when he was there he met Count, Countess, and their daughter, when Malcolm finally met the daughter Thekla he fell in love with her.
After protecting Mansfield he headed back to the army.

He once again got captured by 3 pheasants, he is bound tightly with a rope, he then burned the rope and again escaped, he then killed the rest of the pheasants and freed the rest of the soildiers, he also freed Thekla and her mother but her father died.
When they got out
Thekla and Malcolm got married and Thekla's mother married Malcolm's Uncle.

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