The Farthest I Have Been From Home

RonPaulCurriculum English 8 Day 4

The farthest I have been from home is very likely china, I have been to other places but china is the farthest place I have been from home, other places I have been in are Peru, Lima to visit family, I have been to San Diego, San Francisco, Los Angles, New Vegas for road trips.

China for sure has been the farthest place I have been, and my most favorite place to visit, even if my family and I have visited a few years ago I still remember what we did. But my favorite part of traveling is the food, the food in china is delicious, but the city we visited in china is famous for their food to be spicy, which is fine for me for I have eaten spicy food before.

In china we visited the terracotta army, it was an awesome, there were so many statues to look, at all the tools they used were made of bronze and it was on show but it was awesome, that someone back then could do such a huge project, and we also saw some of the terracotta still with color on them, because once you excavate a terracotta soldier it has color but over time the color would fade a way.

My second favorite place I have been to is Peru, Lima, the food there is also great but not as spicy luckily, I only visited Peru twice, but I remember it for being extremely humid.

Now, I have traveled within the U.S., we have been to many places, we have been to San Fransisco and seen the Golden Great Bridge, been to San Diego, been to Los Angeles. all of these places are in CA, but we have also been to Nevada, and seen Las Vegas quite a few times, we went to Oregon, and my favorite state of all is Utah, my favorite trip was when we went to Utah. we were once on a road and all a round us was just flat, there were no mountains, it was just flat as far as the eye can see, what was worse, that it was dark, and there were no light, the only light source we had been our cars head light and, what was worse that we were in a thunder-storm, lighting would strike left and right of us, it was the best experience I have had ever in my life.

We also went horse riding, we rode horses, well not all of them were horses, some were donkeys, ponies, or mules, but anyways we rode our horses through a canyon, there where trails where your leg would touch the wall and the other side is just a drop to death, and you would always pray to God or cross your fingers that you wouldn't fall, but your horse would just causally walk at the edge just to mess with you and man who was scary, luckily there were no casualties that day.

Now that are all the places I have been the farthest I have been from home, and all of them were amazing but going to Utah was my favorite but not the farthest I have been from home.

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