The Conquest of England

RonPaulCirriculum English 7 Week 8

Alfred the Great ruled England from 871 - 899 and was the only english monarch to be called "The Great".

At the age of four, Alfred was anointed to be king by The Pope in Rome. As Alfred's reign began, the Danes started to attack the Wessex and London. And during this time the Danes were very strong. But Alfred eventually beat the Danes in battle.

The Danish King, Guthrum, converted into christianity in at the peace treaty, which strengthened the two countries.

Alfred is also famous for re-organizing the military and establishing a fleet of longships. But his biggest accomplishment was re-establishing the education in England.
Alfred also wrote a law code 120 chapter long, he also believed that every young man should at least get a education no matter what position you are in.

Alfred died in 899, with his son Edward as his successor.

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