Sherlock Holmes

RonPaulCirriculum English 7 Week 15

Long before Sherlock has ever met Watson, he had a case with someone he knew during college.

His colleague from college had a case for him, His butler Bruton has been missing with a maid named Rachel.

It all started when his colleague Musgrave had a cup of coffee after dinner, and he couldn't sleep, so he decided to read a book sadly he left his book downstairs, he went down, and found that a light in the library was on, when he went to check he found his butler Bruton reading a map that belonged in a safe, and with that Musgrave told Bruton that he will be fired the next morning, but Bruton begged to given a few more days and Musgrave agreed. For the next 2 days Bruton was on his best behavior, and on the third Bruton disappeared, and his maid Rachel just came back with a flu, Musgrave noticed that she was pale and told her to go to bed, but she just shriek and shriek, and sobbed and went into a hysterical attack.
Oh yeah, Rachel also disappeared three days later after that.

He then went to Burton's room and he found that his slippers were gone with his suit, but his money, boots and his belonging's were still in his room. After this Musgrave went to Sherlock and told him what happened, Sherlock was interested and agreed to help.

Then Sherlock went with Musgrave to his home. He followed all the clues he gathered and found a trap door in a cellar, Sherlock and Musgrave open the trap door for it was very heavy, and found the corpse of Bruton lying on the moist cold ground, they very quickly called the cops. When the cops got there they took the dead body out and, they found that he was very slippers and his suit, and with this he immediately knew that Rachel the maid had trapped Burton inside the cellar, and three days later of killing Burton she very likely left to a different country.

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