Robin Hood Mini Story

RonPaulCurriculum 7th Grade English Essay

One day while Robin Hood was on a stroll he saw a hut in the forest, he was extremely excited to tell his friend of his discovery because he and his friends needed a place to live.

So he rushed back to his camp where all his friedns were, and told them about the hut, so just in an hour or two, they were on their way to the house, when they got their they looked inside, and it seemed like no has lived in their for a while, so they opened the door and started to clean the place up.

While they were cleaning up one of Robins friends little john found a secret door by the firepit.

So Robin and his friends the Merry men opened the trap door and descended into the hole.

They found themselves in a tunnel, and robin and his men followed it to the end where there was a ladder leading up, Robin opened the trapdoor and looked around and found a man sitting on a chair writing a note, so Robin waited for him to finish writing before entering the room.

A few minuets later the man got up and left the room, as Robin and his men entered the room one by one, robin headed to where the man sat and read the note, it said as followed:

Dear Christopher,

We are soon planning to raid another village, in a fortnight meet me at the hut in the forest at noon, from there we will meet up and go to the village together with our men.
Also at this rate we will be able to afford anything!

Kindest regards,

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