Queen Elizabeth I

RonPaulCurriculum 7th Grade History Essay

Elizabeth I took over the throne after Bloody Mary and returned England to Protestantism for good. She was the last monarch of the Tudor dynasty, and was remembered for a long and successful reign which lasted 44 years. Her era is known as the Elizabethan era.

She is the child of Henry VIII and Anne Boleyn, but with her half-sister, Mary, Elizabeth was cut out of the line of the throne in favor of Edward. She was raised by a governess, had good education, spoke several languages fluently, and was gentle and calm.

After Edward's death, he appointed his cousin, Lady Jane Grey, to be his successor, but Mary immediately overthrew Jane and took over the throne. Elizabeth felt endangered because she was a Protestant and Mary suspected her of taking the throne. So Elizabeth was imprisoned by her own sister, and remained on house arrest until Mary's death in 1558.

Then Elizabeth was crowned at Westminster Abbey and became queen in 1559. People thought that she would get married, but she never married or had any children, which she earned the nickname the "Virgin Queen". She supported Protestantism and got rid of Mary's Catholic goals.

King Philip of Spain was married to Queen Mary and felt that he at least needed some consideration for the throne, or as the wife of Elizabeth. Around this time, a few English ships attacked Spanish ports in the Caribbean, which caused a lot of damage. Then Philip used this excuse and attacked England. This war lasted a few years later, and England was eventually victorious.

The Elizabethan era brought stability to England, and while other countries were going through political and internal struggles, England instantly rose to the top.

Elizabeth was depressed due to the death of several good friends in 1602 and 1603. Then in March of 1603, she became very ill and very depressed, and in 24th of March, 1603, she died and buried alongside her half-sister Mary in Westminster Abbey. Many people in England mourned the death of the queen they called "Good Queen Bess".

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