My Least favorite and favorite subject in school

My least favorite subject in school is Math, the problem with math that its not though, but extremely long, what I mean by this is that the equations we have to right in math are long and are a pain to write, and we always have more than 30 questions to answer, so it takes us a few hours to finish a lesson, the math I use is Saxon Math we are in Algebra 2, but in this book we also learn to do geometry.

my second least favorite subject is History, history has a lot of dates which I can never remember, but it is interesting quite interesting and fun but the dates of when anything happened I can't seem to remember.

Now I really don't have a favorite, because each subject has its pro's and con's, for ex. Science is interesting extremely interesting, but for me its a bit long, math it's quite easy but also it takes too long, English is fun but we have to alt least write an eassay, as a matter of fact  this easy is for English.

But If I had to choose which was my favorite subject its Science because of its topic, but then again it is quite long. Right now we are learning Biology, we already watched one lesson, it was really interesting but then again it was like 30 min long.

History, is short simple and filled with information, at the moment we are doing something called a world tour, it is when our teacher talks about other countries we have not spoken of while they were teaching us of a different country, this idea was really smart and it works.

Now there is another subject I would like to add to my schedule, I would like to add robotics, I love robots and I have already made two robots, my first robot I made used 3D printed parts, and my second used some wood, I even have a 3D printer software so I can 3D print almost anything I want, but sadly I don't have a 3D printer. Now even if I could get a class for robotics my schedule is packed to the rim and I won't have time for it. I even have enough pieces in my home to build a robot at home, but I don't know what to build, and I would also like to have a teacher with me, because the first and second robot I made, had plenty of mistakes and luckily my teacher found what was wrong with my robot and I would fix it. 

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