Justinian the Great

RonPaulCirriculum English 7 Week 4

Justinian the Great was one of the most powerful ruler in the western empire (527 - 565 AD).

Justinian started out as a shepherd, but when he turned 16, he traveled, to meet his uncle Justin, a commander in the emperor's guard.

As he arrived, his uncle Justin received him and gave him an education, clothes, foods, and a place to sleep. When the emperor died Justinian uncle Justin became emperor of Byzantium, and once his uncle got older Justinian helped his uncle in ruling the country.

When his uncle died he started to rule over the county and he ruled for another 40 years. Justinian started to invade expand into East Roman Empire, North Africa and the Vandals.

The first codified Roman Law was organized by Justinian, and was re-named as the Code of Justinian. And the Code of Justinian became the main law of in Byzantium.

And in 537 AD Justinian built a beautiful cathedral known as the Hagia Sophia.

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