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RonPaulCirriculum English 7 Week 22

It all started when Axel (the main character) uncle, professor Otto Liedenbrock, found a book, well get into that after when introduce him.

Otto Liedenbrock was a professor at Johannaeum, and Otto delivered many lectures about mineralogy. He was also a very famous German mineralogist in Germany, because at that time there weren't many mineralogist, Liedenbrock was a very honorable name named mention in colleges. He was also the curator of "The Museum of Mineralogy" formed by M. Struve the Russian Ambassador. Otto also had a small house in Konigstrasse, which he owned and everything inside of it, including his god-daughter Grauben, a young lady at the age of seventeen, Martha the house maid and Axel.

Axel was Otto's nephew and an Orphan, Axel was also Liedenbrock lab assistant, and Alex also enjoyed geology.

Anyways back to the story, professor Lidenbrock found the original book written by Heims Kringla of Snorre, a very famous Icelandic author of the twelfth century. At the back of the book there was a note with Runic writing which was what Lidenbrock was trying to decode, luckily Axel decoded it, but did not tell his uncle Otto, he thought that his uncle was going mad and is best that he did not know what it meant. Eventually after a few days of hunger Lidenbrock decoded the code and it said:

"Descend, bold traveler, into the crater of the Jokul of Sneffels, which the shadow of Scartaris touches before the Kalends of July, and you will attain the center of the earth; which I have done, Arne Saknusseumm"

After that they were soon on their way to Iceland, to get there they had to take a train, sail, hike, before they got to their destination, Copenhagen.

When they go there, they got their hotel rooms, and prepared for vertical descent, the way they practiced this is that Copenhagen had a clock tower with stair springily upwards, they climbed up those stairs everyday until they were ready to climb the mountain.

Before they started climbing the mountain they had met a Guide which will go with them to the center of the earth, his name was Hans Bjelke.

They climbed the mountain and into the center of the mountain, there were three holes in the mountain and one of them led to the center of the earth.

When they go to  the center of the earth they found a huge ocean underground, there was beaches and trees, and the cave was so big that they couldn't see the top of the cave and there was an unknown light source lighting up the cave.

They built a raft and traveled the unknown underground ocean,  they were on the ocean for a many days and they saw creatures in the water, big creatures, and a few moments later there were two huge creatures started to fight each other, as it was an awesome fight it didn't last long, and it ended.

They finally got on shore and they found some signs of creatures living there, they found extremely tall humans, but they di not stay to talk, for the moment they saw them ran away.

The way they got put was there was an extremely tall shaft that went back on to the surface, but there was water on the bottom, but this water was extremely hot, so they put a raft on the hot water and waited for the water to raise to the top.

While they were slowly floating upward, the steam of the water made them extremely uncomfortable, and they were running out of water quickly, they were all passing out and sweating, and on the verge of dying, but they got above ground just  in time, and they found themselves coming out of some sort of volcano near a grape farm.\

Many days later they returned home and Axel got married with Grauben.

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