How Cathedrals were made

RonPaulCirriculum English 7 Week 9

The Cathedrals were humongous churches they had, high ceilings, beautiful paintings, many rooms and with each room had there own purpose in the church.

The churches were usually in the center of the city, they were beautiful in the inside and just the same as beautiful on the outside.

It usually took hundreds of years to build, and most of the people who start building the cathedral will usually never see the finished work of the cathedral.
It was also expensive to build the cathedrals, they had to raise a ton of money by collecting money by fund raisers.

The cathedrals usually had pointed roofs instead of round one, the way they kept the enormous ceiling up is by using something called a "Flying buttress", using this design help keep the ceiling from collapsing with out using pillars in the interior, which helped make it feel bigger in the inside.

One of the tallest cathedrals is located in "Ulm, Germany" the cathedral is over 500 ft tall.
The Largest cathedral is located in Cologne, and took almost 600 years to be completed.

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