Halo Short Story

RonPaulCirriculum English 7 Week 2

Halo, my favorite game of all.  If I could be there, I would see pelicans flying in the air, and as one pelican landed in front a Spartans jumped out from the back and ran past me

one by one more Spartans jumped out from the back and ran past me, barking orders at each other,

As the Spartans where running by one of them noticed me and told to get in the pelican because the covenant were attacking the planet, once he said that the covenant were on the planet I ran as fast as possible toward the pelican when the pelican took off the covenant all ready open fired at the Spartans.

as the pilot of the pelican, landed somewhere far from the battle he told me to get into a car and drive as far away as possible, as I walked out of the pelican I saw a warthog

as I got on I noticed some thing purple in the sky heading straight toward us.

It was a banshee and it started to shoot at the pelican, a few moments later the pelican blew up and the pilot died in the explosion,  at the very moment the pelican blew up, I on the gauss cannon without a hesitation, and as I aimed down the gauss cannon, one shot a second shot a third shot the banshees crashed and exploded, and i got on the wheel and drove away as far as possible.

I encountered the flood, and it seems like they have already killed many marines, as I looked around the cockpit of the warthog I saw a shotgun lying on the next seat over, I picked up the gun and I aimed at one of the creatures, and as i squeezed the trigger the creature fell off the warthog and laid motionless on the ground. as I got out of car, the rest of them started to chase me, so I ran as fast as possible, I made a turn at every corner but on the last corner was a dead-end and as I turned around I saw the flood catching up to me.

as I leveled my shotgun at my enemies, aimed dead center of one of the creatures, one fell, two down, and not soon after my gun was empty and as the food came closer and the closest one to me jumped and I hit it with the butt of my gun but that was not enough, and soon very soon they would've killed me.

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