George Washington and Mozart

RonPaulCurriculum 8th Grade History Essay

Today for history, I’ll be talking about George Washington and Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart. These two people, were important during the 1700’s, as we all know, George Washington was our very first president, and Mozart was a very influential composer. I’ll be starting with George Washington.

Washington was one of six siblings, with 2 older half-brothers. He was born in Virginia 1732, February 11, but because the date change, his birthday was moved to February 22. His family had a plantation, and had a pleasant childhood. But when he was 11, his father died, and his older half-brother, Lawrence Washington took care of him.

Washington was interested with Lawrence’s step-father, William Fairfax, who was one of the biggest land owners at the time. So Fairfax gave Washington his first job as a surveyor. Then when he was 16, he joined a team, including his brother, as a surveyor mapping out Virginia. Soon after, the next year, he was promoted to Chief surveyor of the county of Culpeper. In 1752, Washington’s brother Lawrence died, and left the whole estate to him.

He was also said that he should replace his brother as one of 4 militia leader. Washington participated in the French and Indian War(link), led the Battle of Jumonville Glen and showed some pretty good leadership. But after this, he resigned and went back to his plantation which he named Mount Vernon, and married Martha Custis in 1759, who had 2 children from her previous marriage.

After the Revolutionary War, he lived a peaceful life, until 1787 when he was appointed to be President of the Constitutional Convention. He served as peacemaker, moderator, and decision maker. Washington now is known as a national hero and an important figure in history.

Next is Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart.

Wolfgang was remembered as a genius, he wrote many classical music that are very famous. Some including Eine Kleine Nachtmusik 1st movement, Turkish Rondo, Marriage of Figaro, etc.

Wolfgang was born in 1756, Salzburg, Austria. His sister, Maria Anna, and him were the only ones to survive to adulthood. Wolfgang learned the clavier at the age of 3. He watched his sister learn from their father, and quickly picked it up. His father, who noticed this, soon began to teach Wolfgang the clavier. As Wolfgang became older, he taught himself how to play the violin.

So, his father, took Wolfgang and his sister, who was also very skilled, to several tours to play in the royal courts. Their fame grew quickly, and were soon very famous, although it was hard expense wise.

His father and him went to tour in Italy, since his sister was in the age of marriage. During this, Wolfgang heard a very famous piece at the Vatican Choir, and only hearing this once, he copied the whole piece, every note, with almost no errors! He was about to get in trouble, but when the Pope heard about this, he became a “celebrity”.

He returned to his hometown in Salzburg and worked as assistant concertmaster, at the age of 17. Then in 1781, he got a job offer from the Archbishop of Vienna which he accepted, but later he found out that they paid less than his job before, and he wasn’t treated very good, so he left. He was roaming around Vienna as a musician freelancer.

The next few years, he married Constanze Weber, together had 6 children, but only 2 survived to adulthood. He also met the son of Johann Sebastian Bach, and became friends with Joseph Haydn.

By 1787, we received a job offer, to become the Chamber composer for Emperor Joseph II. during 1788-89, Mozart wasn’t doing much, till 1790-91 he was able to compose more music. He was ill during 1790, and was working on a funeral music, but he died in before he could finish it, and his wife hired a composer to finish it.

Mozart died at the age of 35, and was a genius composer. Very few composers reach fame at a young age, usually they’re famous long after they died.

Both Washington and Mozart are two famous people in history, although they have nothing to do with each other, but I just picked these two has the topic for this essay.

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