Genghis Khan

RonPaulCirriculum English 7 Week 12

There was a nomadic tribe in the Gobi Desert, they were called Mongols.

In 1162 Genghis Khan was born, and was part of the Borjigin tribe.

When Khan turned 16 years, he got married with a girl named Borte to strengthen the alliance between her clan and his clan.
Shortly after, Borte got kidnapped, but Khan rescued soon after.
Khan and Borte had 4 children together, but Khan had many more children with the other wives he had.

Khan was an excellent military strategist, and led a skilled army of soldiers. Khan and his soldiers mastered special communication tactics, they rode horses with out their hands, which let them use their hand for combat, Genghis Khan also had a spy network to identify enemies.

He quickly invaded surrounding tribes. He was challenged by the governor Otrar who briefly invaded Khans empire. Khan rebelled by conquering muslims land and destroyed everything in his way, this invasion helped, in 1219, gave Genghis Khan the control over Central Asia and Eastern Europe.

No one really knows how Khan died, and no one knows where he was buried.

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