Egypt and India

RonPaulCurriculum 7th Grade History Essay

Egypt was the strongest civilization in Africa, in Egypt they didn't have kings or queens instead they had Pharaohs. Pharaohs were basically treated like Gods.

Egypt in the beginning started as an agricultural society since they were living by the Nile River.

In Egypt there was a big difference between the rich and the poor. The peasants and the farmers had to work for their food, but the pharaohs and priests were served by the rest of the people.

Egypt invented papyrus, which is paper for writing scrolls. They used hieroglyphs for writing.

Now I will talk about India.

The early civilizations started in the Indus Valley, next to the Indus River. Close to the Indus River was the Ganges River where more people settled.

They built cities like Harappa and Mohenjo-Dara around 1500, but then was invaded by the Aryan civilization and did not leave any written records.

In 321 BC a guy named Chandragupta Maurya began the Mauryan empire.

The Golden Age of India began when the Mauryan empire began. Chandragupta was succeeded by his grandson Ashoka, who raised India to its peak through 11 years of victory.

Ashoka after his 11 years of conquest he started Buddhism.

In 320 AD a new dynasty began, the Gupta Dynasty who ruled for 150 years. Then a new religion began, Hinduism, it is the strongest religion today and the third strongest of the world, but still Buddhism was able to continue.

In the Gupta dynasty there were a few additional things added like

  • Suttee, where a widow is burned on her husbands funeral pyre
  • Child marrige
  • The caste system

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