The Lion of the North

RonPaulCurriculum 7th Grade English Essay

This book report will be about "The Lion of the North" by G.A. Henty. The protagonist of the story is a 16 year old Scottish boy, Malcolm Graheme, he fights in the Thirty Year War in Germany. The Thirty Year War is between the Catholics and the Protestants, he fights against the Catholics.

We know that he is already pretty brave, in the beginning of the book he helps 2 officers (Captain Hume and Colonel Munro) by swimming across a flooding river and leading to safety, which I say is pretty brave, and he was soon to be recruited in the Swedish army.

Soon after, he fights in the Battle of New Brandenburg, the town that was attacked by Imperialists. They killed all the soldiers except three, Malcolm after a stand against the Imperialists, he retreated and changed out of his uniform to a peasants. Although he was captured and forced to fight with the Imperialists, but escaped only to be captured again, but by thieves. He escapes again and makes his way back to the army.

Another story, is after recovering from an illness, he goes back to the army, but before he leaves, he heard a town nearby, will be attacked by the Imperialists. When he gets there he is introduced to the Count, Countess, and their daughter Thekla, whom he falls in love with. Then he makes a plan and defends the town, and goes back to the army after.

The last story, is he was captured by three peasants, was not given any food or water and his hands were tied. He observes the room, and when they were not looking, he took a burning stick and burns the rope and also some of his skin, but manages to escape quickly. When he makes his way to the next town, he sees a soldier executed, and took the rest of the soldiers to safety, and hid in a church till the army comes and saves them.

After the army rescues them, Malcolm marries Thekla, her father died, and so her mother marries Malcolm's uncle, and they all live happily.

Throughout the story Malcolms character develops, in the beginning he is just a country boy and then becomes a loyal and praised soldier.

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