Forest Biomes

RonPaulCurriculum 10th Grade Biology Essay

Today I will be comparing and contrasting a Tropical Rainforest to a Temperate Broadleaf Forest for Biology.

You probably already guessed that in a rainforest, it rains…..a lot. It rains about 200-400 cm of rainfall annually! The way they do this, is they use something called a rain gauge, rain will fall into it, and when at the end of the year, you add them all up and you’ll get your annually average of rain. 

Rain Gauge

The average temperature of a rainforest is 25°C - 29°C, in Farenheit, 77°F - 84°F, it’s not snowy cold, but it’s pretty cold. It is said there are still 5-30 million undescribed species of little insects, spiders, etc. that are not yet named……

Temperate Broadleaf Forest

Broadleaf forests are a bit different, their leaves change colors in fall, in winter it freezes and drop, then thaws in spring, and it goes through this cycle. Throughout the season it rains, snows, hails, etc. about 70-200 cm yearly. Temperate broadleaf forests are usually in the norther part of the hemisphere, most of Europe and the eastern United States were filled with temperate broadleaf forests until it had to be cut down for farming purposes.

But both temperate broadleaf forests and rainforests have canopies, meaning that they have a lot of trees blocking the sunlight like a canopy. They both also have understories, it grows underneath the canopy but above the floor, they’re like bushes.


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