Africa's geology

RonPaulCirriculum History 7 Week 1

Africa is one of the most geographically diverse countries. It has many types of climates except for icy cold tundras, but it also has deserts, jungles, mountains, lakes, and safari plains.

The Nile River is one of the longest river and one of the only few rivers that go from South to North. The Nile River also irrigate Egypt's plants and help water their live stock, which were very important to the Egyptians.


The Egyptians were mostly ruled by Pharaohs which were treated like a God. The Egyptians had many chapters in their history (which is what I call it) for example the Old kingdom was the time which they built the most pyramids or the New kingdom was Egypt's golden age and happened after the Hyksos were defeated in battle.

After the New kingdom, Egypt went into a decline and never recovered from it. The Assyrians the took over Egypt, then the Persian took Egypt from the Assyrians, then Alexander the great took Egypt and finally a family named Ptolemies ruled Egypt nearly for 300 years.

When Cleopatra VII was ruling Egypt the Romans invaded Egypt and took Egypt for its own.

The difference between the rich and the poor were very different unlike today, in Egypt the poor would have to work at the farms and work for food their share of the food, they would also help building the temples and the pyramids, the rich were immune to this harsh life style they usually were priest, the guards for the pharaoh, soldiers, and the pharaoh and his family.


Nubia is located south of Egypt and is based on trading with the Arabia and Mediterranean civilizations.  Nubia stayed independent from Egypt after the rise of Rome, but it declined in power after 400 A.D. . Nubia is also famous for eventing iron working.


The Axum civilization began somewhere between 500 B.C., Axum was based on trading on started somewhere along the Red Sea coast. Even if Axum was an Arab styled country, it then learned the skills of the Egyptian and the Romans culture.

Axum became particularly strong for the first 100 years, that was because they had many strong and wise rulers, and in 500 A.D. Christianity became the approved religion for Axon until 20th century.

Smaller tribes in Africa
  • The Nok's were located on the west of Nubia and turned into the modern-day Nigeria.
  • The Bantu Speakers were another tribe that settled in the southern part of Africa.
  • The Kalahari desert were occupied by bush men.
  • The pygmies which live in the rain forest.

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