A Short Story about Penny R.

RonPaulCurriculum 7th Grade English Essay

On Carmel Ave. there is a house which is occupied by the Robinsons. Penny Robinson, a 7 year old outgoing girl, was at home after school eating a snack; she threw away the trash into the trashcan behind the house in an alleyway, thats when she saw a puppy, abandoned and hungry.

She decided to take in the puppy before mom and dad comes home. She bathed the puppy and fed it some leftover chicken that she had in the fridge.

When Mrs.Robinson and Mr.Robinson came home, Penny decided to tell them about the puppy, and begged them so she could keep the puppy. So eventually they said yes, but on one condition, that she would take responsibility of the puppy. So Penny went to her room and wanted to name the puppy, and she decided on Cooper.

Years passed and they did everything together, eat, play, hike, etc. When it was time for Penny to go to college, she said goodbye to her mom and dad, and lastly Cooper. Everyday Cooper waits by the door waiting for Penny. Of course Penny comes back during the breaks, but leaves after.

4 years has passed and Penny has finished college, and Cooper is pretty old. Penny has been engaged, and decides to move out of her parents house and live with her fiancé, and of course, takes Cooper with her.

Couple years passed Penny is now married, Cooper had just passed, the whole family is devastated, especially Penny, and decided to bury Cooper in their backyard.

A year passed and Penny got over the death of Cooper, and wants to get another dog for her son/daughter she's having. And she will always cherish the days she had with Cooper

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