A Knight of the White Cross pt. 2

RonPaulCurriculum 7th Grade English Essay

Plot and Character Development

The main plot of the story is about a young boy, Gervaise Tresham, who fled England to join the Knights of St. John, a Christian order that fought against the Muslims. His father's last wish, was for him to become a trustworthy knight. During the book, Gervaise's life has a lot of twists and turns, like twice he had to work as a slave but then was reward for some noble acts. Another major plot is the Siege of Rhodes, where the muslims attacked the Order of St. John in Rhodes. The war was fought desperately, but in the end the knights eventually won.

During the book, Gervaise starts as nothing, then joins the Knights of St. John, and fought against the Siege of Rhodes, and becomes a gallant knight. He later goes on to be granted Secular Knighthood, and is given a piece of land, and able to command his own galley.

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