20,000 Leagues Under the Sea

RonPaulCirriculum English 7 Week 1

One of my favorite books is the hobbit, but I'm sure that many of you have watched the movie or even read it, so then my second favorite book is Harry Potter, and for the same reason for the hobbit I am sure that most of you have watched the movie or already read it.

Then my third favorite book is  "20,000 Leagues Under the Sea", The book is about a sea creature that is creating chaos around the world. The main character Professor Pierre Aronnax and his servant Conseil were invited to an expedition, on the a ship named The Lincolnto capture this beast which was causing chaos around the globe. On the The Lincoln, Professor Pierre Aronnax met a Canadian and a pro harpoonist named Ned Land.

A few month later they found the creature, and attacked the beast with all there might, the "sea creature " did not slow down, instead it turned toward the The Lincoln and it picked up speed faster and faster as it go closer to the ship, then BOOM the creature crashed into the ship and sunk the ship, there weren't many survivors but, three of the survivors were captured by the sea monster, their names were Professor Pierre Aronnax, Conseil Professor Pierre Aronnax servant, and Ned Land the harpoonist.

When Pierre awoke he found him self in darkness with, his servant, and harpoonist, by his side. A few minuets later everyone was awake, few hours later they found that the creature, was not exactly a monster but a submarine named the  Nautilus and captain of this submarine was Captain Nemo. And they had many exciting adventure underwater, and one of them was finding Atlantis.

But few years later the three of them made an exciting escape from the Nautilus because they had become prisoners of the Nautilus, and were allowed anywhere in the  Nautilus but couldn't go back to their home land because Captain Nemo was afraid that they would tell the world the secret that there was a submarine in the ocean for years, and finally they went home, but before they went home they made a vow to keep the Nautilus a secret between each other.

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